Suga Dady Website & Apps Review

Does Suga Dady Website & Apps Work Well?

Suga Dady Website Screenshot

Suga Dady claims to be the online dating site for sugar babies to find sugar daddies of their choice. It also says that this site is a high speed growing website offering sugar relationships and lifestyle to those how are interested in it. The website is designed in simple yet gorgeous way liked by many. All the photos and other information and verified and then accepted. So, question of fake profiles or scammers is not possible there. But in reality, all there are mere lies. They also have a app to make things easier and faster for members, but the app does not work well.

Many women joined Suga Dady with an impression to find some rich men who would be happy to take care of them financially with mutual arrangements which would fit in for both of them. The benefits that the site promises are not offered unless you take the paid membership. The sugar daddies lie about themselves and about the amount of money they have. A girl joined the site to find someone who would help her pay her bills, lavish her with beautiful things and show her what a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle is. But, the only thing she found there was disappointment.

What to expect

If you join SugaDady to meet a sugar daddy who would help you pay your bills and make you live a luxurious life at least for some time, maybe you would waste your time out there. My friend joined the site and after sending 57 messages in 3 months’ time she received 11 responses and she went on 5 dates out of which only one continued for some time. She found joining the site a complete waste of time and expectations.

Negative features of SugaDady

1. Lots of lies

Instead of young, charming and rich, men here on the site are old, ugly and not so rich. Some of the girls who joined the site said that they claimed to give her whatever she would like to have, but never gave a single thing they promised.

2. Low response

If you find a sugar daddy who seems interesting to you and send him a message, most of the time you are not going to get any response from these men. This indicates that there must be plenty of fake profiles out there.

3. Everyone will see you

If you are among those women who have opted for sugar lifestyle but don’t want everyone to see them, they will be highly disappointed here because as soon as you post your photos out there, anyone can see them.

Is it worth?

SugaDady is certainly not designed to work for sugar babies. The site is filled with fake profiles, lying creepers who creep your profile but send no response even when you put there for them. In fact, you will not find a sugar daddy who is matching in either form or shape. There are men who only want you to meet at their home state and escort. They were not at all interested in knowing women or having any kind of relationship. Not only this, the sugar daddy even expected the sugar baby to spend her own money and find time whenever he wanted to meet her. Only if she does all this, he would show any interest in continuing with any kind of relationship. Where some men say that sugar babies fake their photos, sugar babies are also of the opinion that men portray being handsome in their fake photos.

Many members have complained that they are being charged even after canceling their subscription. When they complained this to the customer service, they did not even take this seriously. Not only this, a sugar daddy signed up for three-day trial and he was continued to be charged. The customer service was, as in the first case, unapologetic.

The sites which promote older men dating younger women should make it mandatory to confirm information on income, job, status, age, location and so on because only then it will make it more believable service. If you are looking for a genuine site where you would be able to find exactly what you dream of, you should check out the list of sugar daddy dating sites here.